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Control: 2

Title: Control
Author: Wolf, Ash
Rating: R
Warnings: Rape, Graphic Depictions of Violence, heavy language, etc
Note: lol last post got to big

~You're only angry cause you wish you were in my position - Now nod your head because you know that I'm right. Alright!~Collapse )


Title: Control
Author: Wolf, Ash
Rating: R
Warnings: Rape, Graphic Depictions of Violence, heavy language, etc
Summery: Lol

The Boss Link NealCollapse )

The Bodyguard TrentCollapse )

Backstory of Link:

~Don't try to tell me that some power can corrupt a person - You haven't had enough to know what its like~Collapse )

Backstory of Trent: Being made up as we go along.


~You're only angry 'cause you wish you were in my position - Now nod your head because you know that I'm right... alright!~Collapse )

Vengeance Is Mine

Title: Vengeance Is Mine
Chapter: 1- It’s Me
Author: Wolf
Genre: Angst, Horror
Rating: R
Warnings: Rape, Graphic Depictions of Violence, heavy language, etc
Summery: The hallucination born Clones are back, and want to make Rhett and Link pay.
Note: This is totally a work in progress and I have no idea if I’ll finish it or what it’ll have or anything. So all of the warnings and whatnot are really just tentative right now, it may change. Things may be added. Things may be taken away.

Read more...Collapse )

Link as the Doctor

Just a short little drabble. Nothing too special. Brought on my a conversation I had on tumblr with someone.

For once not a clever cutCollapse )

Changes: Micky Dolenz

Warnings for this Chapter: Themes of child abuse, mild graphic violence, language.

~ Wanting to be, to hear and to see - Crying to the sky ~Collapse )

There Can Only Be One Me

Title: There Can Only Be One Me
Author: Wolf
Genre: Angst
Rating: R
Warnings: Character Death
Summery: Detail of the near to last scene of the song If I Had Another Me
Note: Kinda a one shot drabble. Was napping with Wish stuck in my head and decided I needed to write this. May expand some time since I hate true death of my fav characters. I figured this was a safe place to delve into R&L since personality has little effect on this situation.
~Wish there was something real wish there was something true~Collapse )

Pokemon Moon

Pokemon Moon spoilers abound

I warned youCollapse )

More likely coming soon.


Wisdom Teeth Removal

Well, first of all let me give a little update on my Monkees stuff collection. It's starting to build a little again. I've only collected some vinyls.
I now haveCollapse )

It sucks because where I usually get records from had Monkees Present on vinyl... but it had a pretty bad scratch. Worse than that, though, was the Japanese Import! of More Of... Side A was great. Side B... It had the deepest gash all the way from edge to edge. Plus it cost like... 30. Maybe for 15 an unplayable import would be fine but not 30. But I wanted that a lot lol

Also yes, I'm still working on my Monkees story. Micky's chapter is very freaking long. But I'm getting there.

Also I have gotten my wisdom teeth removed, all four a month ago. Now, I've noticed a lot of places online have questions about people panicking or stories of things going wrong. The reason being, really because nobody talks about their good outcomes so usually they're not there to answer other people's questions. After all why would you even search for something when you have no issues? So of course that mean's they're not the ones usually there to answer questions - it's always people who have or had complications of their own and those who do have fine situations seem to totally forget their probable worry when they went through it and blow off most questions. For instance, I still haven't found an actual answer for 'when can I have a normal diet again', 'when is it safe to drink soda', or almost anything else. It all is 'don't worry' or 'just call your dentist'. And I understand that isn't always an option.

So I think I'm going to recap what's happened to me so far with this, so when the next person comes along searching about questions, they know they're not alone.

Now, as for the story.Collapse )


Changes: Michael Nesmith

Title: Changes
Chapter: Michael Nesmith
Author: Wolf
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Abuse, Language, NPC death, implied violence, light shown violence
Summery: Peter, Micky, Davy and Mike are four people with greatly different backgrounds. How is it that they all came together to not only form a band but also live together in a little beach-house in California? This story is my take on the boys' pasts and how they came to get to know each other.
Notes: Age and time-frame: The story is set around mid '64. This would establish them as a decent enough group around '65 and close friends in '66+. Their ages in this story are: Mike- 21, Peter-20, Micky- 19, Davy- 18 This doesn't match their real ages but in the TV-verse it lines up pretty accurately.
Authors Note: The warnings are for the entire story, I won't warn per-chapter this time. This story has been written at least 4 times so far since I first began it in 2007. I hope to get a larger audience this time so I plan to post multiple places I'll post links to my other pages here so if you see it hosted on a place that I don't have linked, inform me as that's probably not me. Also if you have a suggestion where I can post it that I haven't, let me know.
Archive of Our Own
Tumblr: Coming soon

~Slowly I walk through the gently falling rain - And I know that I will never pass this way again~Collapse )