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Link as the Doctor

Just a short little drabble. Nothing too special. Brought on my a conversation I had on tumblr with someone.

“Rhett… I can’t - you just can’t come with this time…” The Doctor’s eyes blue eyes stared into the gray-green ones with a sadness and pain that the taller man had never seen before, and he’d seen a lot by now. In response to that statement, however, he just shook his head , “Don’t even try that, I’m coming with you, no discussion.” He moved to step out of the Tardis to follow the Doctor. Once out that door there would be no ability to return but he didn’t care.

“No!” The Doctor stepped in front of him, being dwarfed by the human but for once the height difference was the least thing on his mind. He couldn’t let Rhett leave the Tardis… she was programmed to send him home back to safety. But if he stepped over that threshold she couldn’t do that and there was no turning back, “I can’t let you, I’ve… I’ve lost so many. I can’t loose you too, not like this. You’re… you’re like family.” His only family left. Everyone else… gone. He could’t loose Rhett too, he refused.

But Rhett wouldn’t budge, standing toe to toe with the alien who had saved species and burned planets. He stared into the sad eyes of the man he’d met in what seemed like centuries ago, his own eyes tinged with sadness but mostly determination, “You’re my brother, man. You aren’t just like family, you are family. You’re my brother. And I won’t let you do this alone, brother. Like it or not I’m coming with you.” With that he pushed past the Doctor, eyes locked with the other man the whole time before he finally made it fully past the point of no return.

The Doctor seemed almost in shock, at first - unable to think of any words to form. He’d had companions do this before - in fact he distinctly remembered oh so many years ago a girl named Rose doing the same thing. But this… this was different and somehow this was worse - so much worse. If something happened to Rhett…

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me - to either of us.” Rhett smiled reassuringly, almost as if he was able to read the other’s mind, “Not if we’re together. We can’t be stopped… trust me, ol’ Buddy Roll.”

The Doctor looked down, smiling very softly at that and stayed silent for a few minutes. When he looked back up the fire was back in his eyes, “Whoever saves the most people wins, Bo. Let’s go.”