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Control: 2

Title: Control
Author: Wolf, Ash
Rating: R
Warnings: Rape, Graphic Depictions of Violence, heavy language, etc
Note: lol last post got to big

All this giggling and laughing and chuckling was getting on his nerves. Could he just not make noise at all? He was starting to get concerned and he wasn't really sure what he was getting concerned about. "I don't know, I just don't remember ever telling you where I live so its kind of weird that you just know where I live. But its whatever, I guess." He shrugged and kept looking out the window. It was probably a good thing that he was looking out the window and not at the man in the driver's seat. He might have said something out of turn and that would have been bad. He just watched street lights pass by, people walking on the sidewalk. He was kind of bored just sitting here. He didn't get to listen to any music on this drive. Was there even a point to be in a car that was musicless? It just seemed so long and so boring and he just closed his eyes and withheld the sigh. It shouldn't really be that much further to his house then.

What concerned him the most was the bit that said 'while you collect your things'. What did that even mean? He knew what it sounded like. Was he just not coming back to his apartment anymore? He kind of really wanted to though. He might have asked, but they had already gotten to his apartment. "Uh, yeah. Just that." He was a little concerned as to why the man was getting out of the car with him though. Even more concerned when he heard lead the way. Why in the fuck was that happening? "You gonna hold my hand in the bathroom and shake it for me, too?" He reached into his pocket and tugged out his keys out of his pocket and started up the stairs to his second floor apartment. One of his elderly neighbors was at their door, collecting the paper. He waved and she tried to make small talk. He would have replied, but he heard her tea kettle and she waved good bye, made a comment about Trent's new boyfriend and how she thought he dated woman but said that whatever made him happy in the end, and shut her door. Trent wanted to die. He just took a deep breath and opened the door, letting the two of them inside.

He shoved his keys into his pocket and sighed, the apartment wasn't filthy or anything. It was relatively clean. Like, the entire place was moderately well kept aside from his room. That place was a disaster area. He kicked off his shoes and trekked to his room, pushing the door open and walking over to his dresser. Should have just gotten clothes out of here in the first place. He put a couple nice pairs of pants into the duffel bag that he tugged out from under his bed. He put some nice shirts in there, too. Couple pairs of underwear, and just some of his other things that he knew that he was going to want: iPod, headphones, laptop, zippo, bottle opener, just little trinkets that he liked to make himself feel better. Then he took the bag into the bathroom and put all his bath supplies into his little travel case and stuck it inthe duffel, too. "Shit, wait." He mumble to himself, walking back into the bedroom. "Can't believe I almost forgot this." He tugged his gun out from under the bed, too. Couldn't really put the case into the bag, so he'd just have to carry it. He wracked his brain to think of anything else and he just couldn't think of anything. Guess he was ready to go then. So he shifted a bit, made sure the guncase and the duffel had everything in it before turning and starting to walk out of the bedroom.


If course Link didn't even bother with answering Trent's musings about knowing where the man lived. He could have answered but honestly the man didn't need to know that sort of information - _how_ he knew anything like that was not his business so this was great training for him learning to never ask. So he just let the younger man sit there and fester about the unknown as they drove along in silence, Link enjoying being left alone to his thoughts for a while and enjoying the discomfort of the man next to him. He had a happy, innocent smile skirting his lips and to anyone that just would happen to look by and see his rectangle glasses and black winged hair and spiderman tee under the businessman suit and loosened tie, they'd just think he was some normal young 30 something year old guy leaning work with a friend or roommate. Visually he didn't necessarily look the part, and yet he still was able to do what he needed.

At Trent' little quip, Link just smiled up at him pleasantly , deciding that what was said didn't really warrant any consequence. No, he'd rather the punishment come at a surprise at a time it would really matter and be noticeable, which wouldn't be now. So he just followed along behind the man, taking note of everything around him as he walked only a step or two behind. It was a simple place but a nice sort of simple. It wasn't bad for what it was, so that was nice enough. When he saw the elderly lady he beamed, grinning widely while not making a single comment to make her think differently then what she said. In fact he edged himself a little bit closer to Trent while in her presence before she disappeared back behind the door.

Once in the apartment, Link looked around, surveying everything and mentally taking note of it all. He didn't venture too far inside, though, and stuck near the door as he waited for the younger man to get his things. He thought about following him but decided against it, pulling out his phone instead. Link leaned backwards against the wall and tapped in a few numbers to order the pizza. He ordered Trent a large pizza as well as a pizza for himself and made sure the food would be ready by the time they got there. He was reassured it would be and he made sure of the price before hanging up. There... they'd just walk in, pay, take their food, and leave. Perfect.

By the time he was done with all of that Trent was coming back with a dufflebag and another case. He pushed himself off the wall and brushed off, “They'll have the pizza ready by the time we get there. You have everything taken care of and everything you need?” He sidestepped a little to allow Trent to lead them back out if he was ready to go.


He seriously doubted that the pizza would be done by the time they got there. He always had to wait for it when he ordered it and went to pick it up. He didn't really say anything either, just kind of watched the man push off of the wall by the door. Did he just stand there the whole time or did he at least look around or what? He didn't really know so he didn't really say anything. Just sort of readjusted the things he was carrying and shrugged. "I think I've got everything. I just need to let my neighbor know about my mail and hand her the key to the mailbox so she can get it for me." Since it looked like he wasn't really going to be allowed to come back here. God, he hoped that wasn't the case. He put the duffel bag down and opened the door, letting the two of them out and grabbing his stuff again. His neighbor was coming out of her apartment again and she started to strike up a conversation. He cat was slinking in and out of her legs, rubbing up against her for attention.

"Miss Sarah, I hate to bother you, but I'm going to be gone for a little bit," He hoped, "You wouldn't mind picking up my mail for me, would you?"

"Oh, hunny." She gladly took the mail key from him and cupped one of his hands with both of hers and smiled. "Don't you worry about a thing. I'll take care of everything while you're away with your new boyfriend." He wanted desperately to tell her that that wasn't true. But she just sort of began to shoo him away and off towards his new boss. God, why was this happening to him? He just sort of picked up his things again and started to walk away. He ignored the man and the old woman and just kind of walked back to the other's car and waited to be allowed back inside. Shit, this was going to be a really fucking long job, wasn't it?


Link made sure to stay a couple paces behind Trent at first, keeping an eye on him and sizing him up as they once again started to speak to the neighbor (well Trent spoke, Link just stood to the side looking cute in his half buttoned black shirt with a spiderman tee and semi tight black slacks.) A smile tickled the corners of his lips at the look on Trent's face as the woman once again called him his boyfriend and Trent didn't even bother to protest. Which was just good for him because naturally Link would have the speak up then and tell him 'not to be embarrassed'. The amused smile was masked as one of sweetness and happiness before he turned as the lady began to shoo them away. That went easier then expected.

On the way out Link placed his hand on the small of Trent's back, part of it was a show to the old lady, just to dig that idea in even further to make Trent uncomfortable, but also as a sort of wordless way of leading him along... not pushing him, and they were going in the same direction anyway, but in a way he was still leading the man, "Nice lady."

They made it to the car and Link unlocked the doors and trunk, letting Trent deal with his own shit as he got into the drivers side seat and checked the time as he started it up. He was ready to get home and relax for a while... he'd been so busy lately. Once Trent finished what he was doing and got back in the car Link started off to the pizza place, once again driving silently. No need to strike up a conversation of the guy claimed he had nothing to say, right? Link wasn't about to force pleasantries, he had other things he was interested in.

The drive was about another ten or so minutes before they pulled up to the place and he parked, looking over at Trent and handing him some cash, "Go get it." It wasn't a question or a request. It was an order. He knew the pizzas would be done, since he ordered here all the time and he always left them huge tips, so his orders were always top of their list when he called, "All of that's theirs. Now go, I'm hungry."