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My Monkees Stuff...

Well, I was hoping whatever update I had on here next would be a little... happier... but I guess not. First of all, some back story. I've had a box of Monkees stuff for a long time. Well, technically two. One box holds my VHS collection of the Monkees episodes, and then the second box holds everything else. In fact it was funny... when I was younger and I got grounded, most of the time my dad would demand my Monkees box.

Well anyway, both of these Boxes are cardboard, which usually has never been a problem. They were just sitting in the corner of my room. Admittedly yes, my room is a mess. But that shouldn't really cause a problem, you know? It doesn't matter how much shit is piled on top, as long as it doesn't get anything spilled on it, it should be fine... Well... I failed to take into account the fact that I live in a shitty basement. The floor floods through cracks in the foundation when it rains too hard. This has soaked my carpet in many areas and caused it to be a nasty moldy mess, but until my dad decides to finally actually get his garbage out of the front part of the basement for me to move there, I'm stuck here with half of my shit going moldy cause there's no way I can magically levitate all of my stuff to not touch the floor and I don't have the room for like 10 tables to put stuff on. That's part of the reason I need to move to the other half of the basement anyway. I'm a grown adult and need the space, and since my dad takes about 3/4 of my paycheck a month, I don't really have enough to up and leave so need to deal with this instead.

-Sigh- Anyway....

Since I've been getting back into the Monkees, lightly, I randomly thought to my Monkees box the other day and realized... there was a 90% chance it all being destroyed by mold. I've been collecting Monkees stuff my entire life. For it to get destroyed in a year or two... the idea hurts. But I forgot about it till this morning.

So, before going to bed I decide to go and dig out my stuff. And... sure enough... most of it is moldy.
Good news was a lot of stuff, the mold was just fluffy surface mold. That could be wiped off with a napkin easily enough. Most of the paper backs in the CDs were like that and stuff. Unfortunately I lost at least a few things, and a few more lost their quality immensely. It's not like I plan on selling my Monkees stuff ever but I still like a nice collection.

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I know my dad said it's pretty possible to clean mold from a record but the whole sleeves are dead and some of them are pretty rough. So... Yea. I was just glad, though, that it was mainly just records, something easier to find, then all of my other things. I'm still bummed about the totally dead tour book. Pretty sure I got that as a gift from someone on a Monkees site.
Also, I had two vintage Monkees comics from 1967 which have gone missing, which means probably dead as well.

This is what I have that still is alive, at least.

Then here's my surviving collection

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And as a tag, I'd like to note that today has also majorly sucked because.... My boyfriend's dog is probably going to have to be put down, my best friend's niece died, my very needed vacation from work has been nixed... then there was the Orlando shooting, my family not respecting my gender (or anyone else's gender for that matter) It's all just been a ridiculous week...


Here's another updated survey...

It seems that I still like doing these. I've been going through my old journal posts and ran across another one that seems to have vastly changed, so let's redo it, shall we?

The original survey...

And now the updated one...Collapse )


And yes, I do understand I'm talking completely to myself. But, well... to be fair that's what I usually did...

This has been my first post in absolutely years. I, of course, moved away from this place when I had a fallout with most of the people I spoke to at the time, and no I will not get into that. If any of those people are still around I'd be happy to set the past behind us. As I plan on returning it wouldn't hurt to have an audience and this site, sadly, seems very... dead.

I return because most other sites have just rubbed me the wrong way for far too long. Just because I want to keep my mind busy let's take a rambling path down the different social media sites and why I choose to come to this one again... I ramble dont ICollapse )

So as you see this site seems to fit my needs more. We'll see how long it lasts.

On a side note, I plan on once again redoing my Monkees stories, and possibly all of them entirely. But I'm unsure how my writing compares to back then... it may have honestly gotten worse. But still, If I can improve it I will.

Well... now that my random ramble is out of the way and I don't feel like focusing on any other very serious topics that I could, I think I'm going to just do as I used to.

Random shit... Starting with one of those silly old quizzes we all used to do, especially on myspace. I used to love these so it was a shame they fell 'out of style' so to speak, once facebook came around.

This is the very same quiz from my journal many years ago. Link provided to compare the differences if there are any.
That was then

And now for my current, new answers.
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Changes: Ch:6 -The Name

Warnings for this chapter: Nothing.
Hey, Hey We're the MonkeesCollapse )

Changes: Ch:5 -The Meeting

Changes: Ch:4 -Peter

Changes: Ch:3 -Davy

Changes: Ch:2 -Micky

Warnings for this chapter: This one is a little more graphic/violent then the other chapters. There are themes of child abuse (if you count teenage years as child) and language. Obviously there's mild violence but most of it is only touched on, not necessarily described.
Wanting to be, to hear and to see - crying to the sky~Collapse )

Changes: Ch:1 -Mike

Title: Changes
Author: Wolf
Genre: General/Angst
Rating: T (PG-13) Per chapter fluctuates higher and lower.
Warnings for the full story: There is a range of minor OC character death, a little violence, some language, general angsty themes (such as... a little mentions of child abuse, violence, guns, gangs ext) However, nothing is really graphic.

Warnings for this chapter: Gang references, guns and violence, cussing and an minor OC character death.
Slowly I walk through the gently falling rain - And I know that I will never pass this way again~Collapse )

Changes: Pre-story note

I already have my story "Changes" posted elsewhere on this journal, however I have revised it and reposted it. I have this up on my fanfiction.net account but wish to post it here as well for archiving sake as well as if I ever need to post individual chapters somewhere.
Now let's go on to the pre-story Notes:Collapse )
PLEASE! Feel free to read this here or on fanfiction.net I probably check there more, however, but this gives me a lot easier way to give you replies to questions, comments and concerns.

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