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Pokemon Moon

Pokemon Moon spoilers abound

Okay so... some things I have to say so far...

The length of time to even so much as start anything seems much longer then the other games. When will Pokemon realize that 98% of it's fanbase is young adults. Or even if that isn't true, most of them have been to this rodeo before. It should offer a sped up beginning that skips the basics that haven't changed.

The professor really needs to put on a shirt.

I am so glad customization is back. It looks so much better on the full size sprites. Now let's hope the boy customization isn't totally screwed but considering the first store I could only get tank tops, polos, tshirts, capri colors and unseeable socks, with no options of anything else... I have a feeling it has been. How hard would it be to just offer a choice from however many base sprites, ask your pronoun, not connected to the sprite, and have the whole selection of clothes available for all? They do that in a lot of games. It's not even a PC thing, it's just customization option thing.

I like the constant footstep sounds. I like footstep sounds in video games, I dunno why. But I just do, so I'm glad you hear them in this game constantly, along with changing sound depending what you walk on. Though if they're going to add more sounds they should offer options to mute them (as you can also hear random pokemon cries, which is cool, but started to get annoying lol)

I don't like you can only use the circle pad to move. That's not comfortable. Its a lot more comfortable to press a button to constantly move instead of pushing a slider.

The pokemon amine integration into post-battles is pretty neat, though I miss the simple games that sped up the process of raising affection.

I'm honestly pissed that super training is gone. It's the only thing that made IV training bearable. I like having IV trained pokemon but I'm not hunting down certain pokemon to mass murder, nor am I just guessing and hoping for the best if a pokemon has the right IVs since there's no easy way to see it.

The pokemon festival crap that is in replace of regular Internet functions is stupid as fuck. It's a mess, makes no sense, has a bunch of waste of time things, isn't as clean cut as past versions, and the entire attempting to interact with people is a fucking mess. I barely used communication features before but I really won't now. But it sucks because those are the only ways you can freaking train your pokemon's IVs without mass murdering.

What's more. It's pretty much completely impossible to connect to your actual friends on your DS. WTF is the point of that? You have to register on the computer pokemon global link to be able to play with friends online? Which also means you need a pokemon trainer club account? The fuck bullshit is that?

I like that towns themselves have patches of grass. That might make Nuzlocking a little better.

These aren't everything of course but certain tweaks are too small to be of mention, either way.

I don't like that it went from pokemon league that it's been since Kanto and changed it to 'island trials'

I love the Rotom pokedex. I wasn't so sure about it at first but... it's little quips and stuff is just kinda fun. Reminds me of the partner you usually get in Zelda or something.. but less annoying.

As for pokemon so far...

I chose Rowlet. I'm not picking the millionth Fire Fighter and YES I know it's background. As cool as that is... it still stems off fighting. That is more of a 'well... its based on fighting lore... but its not a fighting type, eh... EH'. No...

But I digress....
I was going to go poppilo but though I kinda like it, I don't usually go for pretty pokemon, I like badass pokemon.

I went with Rowlet. I know that Rowlet turns into ghost which is honestly very interesting. I wonder what the reason is for that... they DO tend to have a reason a pokemon is ghost type... I've not seen a single ghost pokemon that isn't based on death in some way.

I'm not a fan of the Alola rattata/raticate. It's ugly. The rattata isn't too bad but the raticate looses it.
I don't like the Alola meowth.

I do like that all the Alola pokemon seem to be paired as dark. It shakes things up from the usual.

More likely coming soon.