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Vengeance Is Mine

Title: Vengeance Is Mine
Chapter: 1- It’s Me
Author: Wolf
Genre: Angst, Horror
Rating: R
Warnings: Rape, Graphic Depictions of Violence, heavy language, etc
Summery: The hallucination born Clones are back, and want to make Rhett and Link pay.
Note: This is totally a work in progress and I have no idea if I’ll finish it or what it’ll have or anything. So all of the warnings and whatnot are really just tentative right now, it may change. Things may be added. Things may be taken away.

This had been a pretty great week for the entire team of Mythical Entertainment, but Rhett and Link were feeling it the most. Good Mythical Morning had wrapped up for another season just yesterday and everyone was ecstatic over it. It seemed like they had broken free from the rut they had been feeling before and everyone had fresh ideas and excitement again. Everyone, even the fans, thought this was one of their best seasons yet and it was almost a shame to have to go on break. But of course they had to and this time they actually were, for once, going to take real time off. No interviews or other projects, as much as they wanted to, just an actual vacation – or staycation more like it. To top it off, for part of that time Rhett and Link would have time to relax on their own and have the houses to themselves, since their wives took the kids off to a special mom-kid bonding trip leaving the two men to enjoy themselves solo for a while.

Today, to start off his time off, Link had just finished breakfast and a shower and was planning on treating himself to a nice big cup of his favorite coffee from his favorite coffee shop before taking that coffee, snuggling into bed, and perusing the internet for the rest of the morning and afternoon. There were a number of sites and articles and videos he had been meaning to get to look at but never have and finally he had a chance, but before he could do any of that, he needed to get the coffee first.

Link was on his way outside when his phone started to ring from his pants pocket, so he took out the little rectangle and checked to see who was calling him. At the sight on the screen Link stopped walking, frowning and tilting his head to the side in confusion. The phone said it was a call from the GMM studio, which was... strange to say the least. There wasn't supposed to be anybody there right now, “Hello?”

“Hey Link.”

At the sound of the familiar, soothing, friendly voice of Link's best friend, Link visibly relaxed, resuming his path to his car, “Oh, hey Rhett.” His face flashed confusion again for a moment, “Wait... why are you calling from the studio phone?”

“My phone died so I need to charge it. Guess I didn't plug it in all the way last night. Hey Listen, I was wondering if you could come over to the studio for a bit. I was planning on doing some brain storming before we really get into our vacation and was hoping you could help me out.”

A warm chuckle escaped Link's lips as he shook his head, a cute little smile spreading across his lips. Of course Rhett would be at the studio brain storming – that man could never slow down sometimes. But of course, neither could Link, “Of course, Rhett. I'm picking up some coffee. You want your usual?”

“Nah man, I already have some. See you soon.”

Rhett didn't even hear the phone ringing at first, his mind so deeply immersed in the pages of the book in his lap as he lounged comfortably in his living room. He finally was taking the opportunity of no work and no family to catch up on the many books he was in the middle of reading and he was loving it. It took whoever it was a second call to get Rhett to snap out of his own little world and look over to the table next to him where his phone lie, making him frown at it a little. He decided that unless it was either Link or his wife he would just decline the call, not feeling like socializing today in any way, but when he saw the number on the screen he had to pause for a moment. It seemed to be coming from the GMM offices and this immediately raised a world of questions in his head, since the offices were supposed to be locked up for the time being until it was time to start getting back to work for the next season. So, against his better judgment, Rhett hit accept, “Hello? Who's this?”

“Hey Rhett, It's me.” Link's voice was happy sounding as always but that didn't really answer any of Rhett's questions – if anything it made him even more confused, “Link? Man what are you doing in the offices? I thought were were on vacation.”

“We are.... but I forgot something here yesterday and now I can't find my keys anywhere. Think you can come by and help me find them? You know how bad I am at this.”

Rhett rolled his eyes a little to himself at his friend's scatter brained clumsiness. It was part of his charm but it certainly was a handful sometimes, “Of course, Brother. I'll be there in just a minute.” With that he hung up and stood, stretching a little before grabbing his keys and heading out the door to go to the studio. Though... try as he might, he just couldn't shake a strange feeling buzzing in the back of his mind... the feeling that something was very, very wrong...
Tags: fanfic, fic: vengeance is mine, rhett and link
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