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Title: Control
Author: Wolf, Ash
Rating: R
Warnings: Rape, Graphic Depictions of Violence, heavy language, etc
Summery: Lol

The Boss Link Neal

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The Bodyguard Trent

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Backstory of Link:

Grew up in a powerful family. The owned a successful business which dabbled in criminal activities as well but due to the power and money it kept them out of the laws eyes (typical politician kinda thing). Not necessarily a cold family but not warm either. Link didn't get all that much interaction from his parents but they didn't ignore him or anything. Parents didn't seem to like each other much but stayed together for the family name's image. He was well educated. He had a knack for reading people and knowing what to say to get what he wanted, something he sort of had to learn with his parents since he needed to be willey to get what he wanted due to them not wanting him to hurt the family name. Overall he was a good kid but did tend to be a little bossy and short tempered.

So who raised him then himself Nanny?
Who was he bossy with?

Raised mostly by the help in the family. Essentially alone. Servants and maids and butlers did most of the work, never giving him the ability to form a real connection with someone.

He was boss with everyone though. Especially the family servants and whatnot, again. Since he didn't have too much interaction with others (as you usually do in a position of that family status)

Did he have any aspirations outside the business or was this the thing he wanted to do?

He was raised in a way that essentially brainwashed him into thinking the family business was the only real path for him. He never thought of anything outside of it. Never had too many options. He took some interest in psychology type things, which only fed into his ability to present himself and understand what made people tick. He from a young age loved the feeling of getting what he wanted and having power over others, so was more then happy to go into the business regardless of anything else because he saw the perfect opportunity to get more respected and powerful.

Didn't interaction with MANY kids his age, there were some from other families that did business with them and occasional things like that. He was

When he was young he witnessed his father's murder. His father had been being nice to a person, giving them help with something but it turned out it was an enemy of the family who slaughtered him right in front of Link's eyes. They didn't see Link. That moment was a huge turning point in Link's overall demeanor. He never could forget the smell of blood and death or the look of life leaving someones body but he saw it almost as a challenge. His father who was actually being giving for once was murdered for it and that's the moment that the kindness was holed up or destroyed and Link knew that the only way to succeed or even survive in life was to be cold, hard, and take what you want with no regard to others. Lying, cheating and stealing.

His mother became cold towards him after that, somehow blaming him for his fathers death due to simply him having been there and she said his father let down his guard because of Link. After a few years Link had enough of it... probably late teens to early 20s. He had gotten deeply involved with learning the business after his dad had died and learning how to manipulate people as well as other tricks of the trade he thought he needed, not believing in having to rely on others.

He set up an intricate lie which landed his mom deemed to be 'unfit' to be in charge of the business and he was put in charge instead, essentially robbing his mother of her own life's work. She later committed suicide, which during the funeral was the official point everyone knew this young man wasn't the Link Neal they may have seen as a child because there wasn't a drop of remorse in his face for her. Despite her having been a relatively nice mother until his fathers death

From there he only set out for one goal and that was to gain as much power and influence as he could. He didn't care about the money so much as the power. He gets off by controlling people. That's what he loves most. just being better then others. He has a short temper though. And a violent side. Partially due to having witnessed his fathers bloody murder. And also since he just naturally has that side to him.

And because hes so used to getting what he wants

Exactly. If you push him to hard he will beat you into a bloody pulp with his own two hands. Though usually he prefers the calm, cruel approach.
Slow and methodical. Or he will sick one of his 'dogs' on you. (such as his body guard)

Wheres the sex come in or no sex just power?

Sex as power
Sex purely to dominate
and control
Whoever he wants
whenever he feels like it
He feels if he wants it he should have. And he knows how to get it.

Some real life quite inspirations:

“It was mostly in his eyes, they were hard and unfeeling.”

- Ruth Ramirez describing the change in her brother, Richard.Ramirez Most notably the coldness of his eyes.

“That day I went back to that apartment, it was like some kind of mystical experience. It was all quiet and still and hot in there. You could smell the dried blood. Particles of dust just seemed to hover in the air. I looked at the place where Jessie had fallen and died, and I got this kind of tingly feeling. …Then my father told me to look in her pocket book for the jewelry my cousin wanted, and I dumped Jessie’s pocketbook on the bed and looked through her things. It gave me the weirdest feeling - I mean, I knew her, and these were her things, and she was dead. Murdered. Gone. And I was touchin’ her things.”

- Richard Ramirez on the murder of his cousin’s wife, Jessie. He witnessed this crime when he was 11 years old.

Backstory of Trent: Being made up as we go along.


The alarm clock was set for six o’clock in the morning. He needed to get up early so that he could get himself prepared for the day. He’d been given an assignment finally. His work orders needed to be picked up at the office and he would be given the address to the place that he needed to report to. He’d heard rumors of what and where that he’d be going. But he’d been out the previous night partying. Celebrating. His friends wanted to make sure that he was well congratulated on his newest accomplishment. However, because they were out late partying, he finally made it home and had collapsed in bed. Just sort of passed out and slept the rest of the night away. The alarm went off when it was supposed to. But it was ignored. The alarm went off every ten minutes for two hours. It was about eight o’clock when the body on the bed started to stir. It groaned, reaching to grab its head. Oh god, that was one hell of an ache. Tired eyes glanced over at the alarm clock and they widened. There was a loud utterance of the word, ‘Shit!’ before the body scrambled out of the bed and into the bathroom.

That had to have been the fastest shower of his life. However, he succeeded in banging up one of his knees and stubbing his toes. It took him longer to get dressed than it did to shower. He had to find something clean to wear. Black jeans were tugged from the closet, all his important items stuffed into them. After inspecting some of the shirts on the floor, he had to dig one that was clean off the floor of the closet as well. White undershirt with a black button up over top. Wasn’t too bad, he supposed. From there he made sure to grab the rest of his accessories and put them on, snagging his keys and his sunglasses off the dresser before leaving the bedroom.

There wasn’t that much time to get breakfast. He did, however, manage to chug down some pills and water for his headache. He made a quick stop at a gas station for gas and to pick up some gum. He had forgotten to brush his teeth before leaving the house and figured the gum could at least make his breath seem fresh. He grabbed something to drink as well. At least maybe if he was lucky he could get something really good for lunch from whoever his new boss was going to be. Once everything was paid for and he’d pumped the gas, he left and drove to his office building. No one seemed to mind or notice that he was late so he was able to pick up his work orders with relative ease. He sat in his car for a couple minutes after he got back, just reading over a few things. He poked the address into the GPS and waited for it to calculate his route before he started to drive off after the instructions.

Half an hour later, it was about nine in the morning. He found a place to park and looked up at the office building that he was going to be working in now. Well, more or less he was to be protecting a certain someone inside this building. He knew what the paper read, but knew almost nothing about this guy. Or woman. He had no idea. There was no ‘Mr.’ or ‘Mrs.’ or anything like that to determine the gender of the person. Just a name. Its not like he really cared regardless though, he was still getting paid no matter who, or what, they were. He made sure that he had everything before he got out of the truck and locked it. He headed inside the building and was greeted by security and a receptionist. He signed in, did everything he was supposed to, even flashed his work papers. They told him what floor he needed to go to and he went ahead and took the elevator all the way up.

Once he got to where he needed to go, he would admit that this place was quite impressive. He wasn’t really sure what he’d been expecting though. The woman on the first floor had given him directions to get where he needed to go so he made his way there. He knew he had made it when he came to a place that had at least three secretaries. He walked up to the one in the middle and made to ask her if he could go inside the big boss’s office. Before he could even really open his mouth, the doors opened and he sort of just stood there for a few moments in silence as he watched several men in business suits walk out. There he was, just standing there with his sunglasses still on, holding onto the papers that he needed to hand over his new boss and he was just standing there watching all these people say their farewells. So . . . Which one of these people did he need to talk to? Fuck, might as well just continue to stand there like a dumb ass and wait.


Slowly Link pulled a white rag from his back pocket and flicked it open before he gently wiped the blade clean from its stain of blood. He tilted his head, his icy blue eyes scanning the shining metal and normally shaky fingers steady as he wiped all of the blood from the important parts of the knife. He paid no mind to the body at his feet, struggling to take its last breaths.

Once content with the blade Link placed it back in the back of his belt and stepped over the body to the sink. He'd give his blade some gentle after care tonight before bed. For now he turned in the water and scrubbed hishands clean, making sure to get all of the mess off of him. Normally he preferred others doing his dirty work to avoid this but admittedly nothing beat that rush of delicious euphoria when he took things into his own hands. He didn't do it often, partially because he feared he'd get addicted. This was a bit of a spur of the moment, though, so it didn't matter. He would have the butler clean up.

Link shut off the stream of water and dried off his hands, looking in the mirror and fixing the part in his winged hair cut. Once his vanity was dated he turned once more to the body behind him and looked with cold eyes. He was glad that he did, because he was rewarded with the pleasure of watching the mans eyes look up at him and the trickle of life disappear out of them. Link couldn't help a soft, dark smile spread into his lips and a slight tingle run down his spine. God he loved that.

Link tilted his head and looked down at the now dead man who had a gaping hole in his stomach and was making quite the mess. Link would need to have the butler and maid clean this mess up. For now Link just shook his head, "And to think you were almost my favorite body guard... Pity." But nobody crossed Link Neal. And rummaging through his stuff then lying about it counts as crossing him.


The next day ran smoothly as ever, first thing having to get a new body guard. He went through his usual channels and properly had someone hired. Hopefully this one would be better then the last two. The last one was sticky fingered and the one before that had the mistake of holding onto morals. Neither of them could stick around for long but it was annoying going through so many employees.

Link never bothered keeping high hopes but when the man was somewhat late, that already got under the brunet's skin. It wouldn't have mattered since Link was in a meeting but that didn't matter. Link hated tardiness.

Once the meeting was done and he saw his likely new business partners out, he saw the man standing near his secretary. Tall, lean yet muscular, short dark hair, chiseled face. Not bad... But still late. Once the businessmen filtered out the convincing smile slowly faded away. He didn't even so much as offer the man a glance, "You're late." He turned and headed into his office, back to his desk, "I wouldn't make a habit of it."

The whole office was very large and also very clean and neat with a faux inviting feel, not necessarily warm but not off putting either with expensive decorations spotted throughout.

Once he got to his desk he rested his elbows on the top, the sleeves of his black shirt pulled up halfway. He entwine his fingers and looked over to the man, a cold an demanding stare as he silently waited for the other to take the initiative.


Still awkwardly standing there, he averted his gaze to look at almost anything else. The one whose name was on the paper would address him soon enough. He decided to use his time to avoid listening to their conversation and instead take in the scenery. There were some nice paintings on the walls. He couldn't tell if those were fake plants or if they were real. If he were to hazard a guess, they were probably real. With how upscale and amazing this place looked, it could probably afford to take care of real plants. His attention shifted just a little bit when he noticed that the businessmen started to filter out. Okay, his boss would be revealed soon enough.

And that wasn't who he was expecting. Then again, he wasn't sure what he actually expected. This wasn't it though. All the man said to him was that he was late. Well duh. Although, how would he actually know that? If he had been in a meeting, which is what this looked like, then he would have just been waiting out here for him anyway. If that was counted against him, fine though. He didn't really care either way. But he heard the the man still speaking. So was he just supposed to follow him or what? Fuck it, whatever. He pushed himself off from the spot he had been leaning (although, he hadn't been aware that he'd been doing that until that moment) and followed the man into the office.

Here again he was amazed just by how everything looked. Maybe if he hadn't been partying the night before, he could have done a little bit of research to find out just what this company, and man, did. That way he wouldn't have been so clueless about all of this. His attention was back on the man when his eyes finally made it over that far. He walked over to the desk and cleared his throat, sorting through the papers in his hands. He found the ones the man needed to sign and return to him as well as the ones that the man could keep.

"I would first like to apologize for being late. I got caught up on a few things and needed to take care of them before heading over here today." It wasn't a lie, but it wasn't the truth either. "I need you to sign these papers so that I can turn them back into the agency." He put the first of the stack in his hand in front of the man, "Then these ones you can keep. They just list basic things that I can do and whatnot. I'm basically capable of whatever you need, however. So there's that."


For the entire time that Link was in this man's presence, he was monitoring him and evaluating him up and down. He wanted to know exactly what he was hiring and decide if he would be worth the time at all. At the moment, Link didn't have very high hopes for this guy. He had thought he looked okay at first but upon closer inspection he wasn't nearly as... tall as he'd imagined. Nor as muscular. And the way he presented himself right now was like that of a dazed and confused deer, unsure of where he was even at.. Not to mention the fact he still had sunglasses on was incredibly unprofessional. Clearly he hadn't done any research on Link's name at all, for if he had he would have realized he was not stepping into some playground. Had he dug deeper for Link's name he'd have found that Link was much more then just a wealthy businessman.

Ugh, he was going to have to go through this one as well, wasn't he? Well that was going to be annoying. He could turn this guy away, sure... but then he'd have to wait days to a week to get sent someone else as he waited for paperwork to process. Ironically the paperwork for on the job death was a lot quicker and easier and Link would be getting a new one by the next day. Though considering his last bodyguard had an 'accident' just yesterday, and the one before that only lasted a couple months, Link didn't need that obvious of a body trail behind him. He'd need to tough it out with this one for a while lest he be stuck protection-less for a week, which he didn't want to risk.

He continued to stare, seemingly cold and emotionless as the man in front of him spoke and shuffled around the papers. Blue eyes being the only thing to glance down at the sheets that were placed in front of him. Slowly he untangled his fingers and reached for a pen, sorting through the paperwork and beginning to sign what he needed to sign, "You may be a good liar, but bad things tend to happen to those who lie to me." He didn't look up, nor did his voice change. What he said wasn't a threat or an exaggeration... it was stated as a matter of fact, said with a simplicity no different then saying boiling water causes burns. A true, but boring fact.

Once he finished signing the papers he needed to sign he took a quick glance over the papers that he had been told were what he 'can do and whatnot', barely giving them his time as he grabbed them and pointedly threw them in the trash bin. He then looked up at the man, who's name was Trent, according to the paperwork, and handed him back the ones he had signed, "You will do what I say you can do. If you think you can't, you will learn. Otherwise you will not get paid. Do I make myself clear? I didn't hire a pretty piece of eye candy, I hired a body guard. And that means you do as I say and we'll get along just fine."

With that he leaned back in his chair with a cocky grin, using the back of his pointer finger to push his glasses up at the rim before crossing his arms, "I suppose before we get to business, you must have some questions for me. Obviously you've not done your research, otherwise you'd be a little less at ease. What did your agency even say?" Not that he didn't know... he worked intimately with this agency so he knew exactly how they presented him. But he was still interesting in knowing if this guy knew absolutely anything outside of his name.


Wow. Okay. First of all, he knew for a fact he hadn't lied. Sure, he hadn't told the truth either, but he hadn't lied. There were things that he had to take care of. Himself, his hangover, gas for his truck. Not to mention he had to take care of getting himself here. And traffic laws. It took every ounce of his being not to roll his eyes and scoff or make some kind of remark. He just stood there and watched and waited for the papers to be signed. He honestly wasn't sure how to feel about what the man had said though. Again, he had next to nothing to go on so what was he suppose to really do? How was this his fault? This was literally last minute, spur of the moment. He'd been told on the phone last night that the guy they had originally intended to be this man's bodyguard had just up and quit without notice. He didn't mention that to this one, didn't say anything about it. Just kind of left it alone. If the man was curious, he would ask. If not, oh well, it was no skin off his nose.

His pride was somewhat wounded as he watched the rest of the papers get tossed into the trash. Given they would be used for whatever this man saw fit to use them for, the fact they were thrown away was a bit off putting. Usually they were at least glanced at, tossed in a drawer. Sometimes he got asked questions about what some of the bigger words meant. But this one just seemed to throw them awa- . . . Why did this guy just make it sound like he was some kind of mongrel pup to be at his beck and call, providing for whims at a mere moment's notice? Granted though, on the job training was nice. However, just the way that it was said to him though. Not to mention the whole 'eye candy' bit. He was a little concerned as to what -that- meant. Wasn't going to judge or anything, but . . . Could he fucking not? That would be great.

"Seeing as I'm the replacement for your actual replacement bodyguard, they didn't really tell me much of anything other than that I'm supposed to be here, with you, until further notice." See, he had a reason as to why he didn't do any research. You know, other than the whole 'went out, partied, got hella wasted' excuse. "I didn't exactly have much time to prepare for this as I normally would have. I probably have more questions than you have answers so how about we skip those and just let me learn as I go. You apparently seem to like that approach given you literally just said it."

This guy. This pretentious asshole thought he was so cool, didn't he? For all intents and purposes, he might have been. Its not like he would have known the difference regardless. He was more used to those temporary gigs where he watched some kind of high profile target for a trial or guarded abused kid's houses to make sure no one came after them. This whole being forced into a corporate dealio with this man was kind of new to him. So he really did meant it when he said he had more questions than the man had answers for. So he would just have to learn as things progressed.


Link's brow raised a little over the top of his glasses as he heard that Trent wasn't even his proper replacement bodyguard. He was a replacement for a replacement... which Link wasn't sure how he felt about that. Though if the raised brow was out of amusement, annoyance, or interest, it wasn't really clear to an outward party. He didn't comment on it or dwell on it, but did file the information away to deal with as soon as he got a chance. On one hand Link was somewhat amused that they didn't even have the balls to ask him to wait when his original replacement fell through... of course he knew he didn't like waiting and they knew it as well, but they didn't even tell him that this guy wasn't the first choice? He didn't like being left in the dark about these sorts of things. He counted that as being lied to and he hated being lied to. It showed disrespect towards him that he just would not tolerate. He would have to remind these people who exactly they were dealing with.

Link gave a soft little chuckle and stood up, his long legs easily taking him around the desk in one quick, smooth stride. He closed the space between them in one more step and smiled down at the shorter man, his teeth showing as he let out a soft chuckle. Roughly he patted the man's cheek, “Well if you insist, we'll do that. Do try to keep up. I don't tolerate insubordination or under performance.” Slowly he trailed his fingertips up the man's cheek and to the side of his sunglasses, tugging them off the man and folding them, slipping them to hook on the other man's shirt, “And do try to present yourself as a little more then a hungover teenager, will you? I have an image to maintain.”

With that he slipped around the man and walked over to the far side of the room where there was a table of various different drinks, all of which expensive. He examined a few bottles before settling on one of a dark amber color. He pulled out a couple of shot glasses as he opened the drink, “Do you drink?” Not that he waited for an answer. He simply poured two shots of the expensive, well aged drink and handed one to the other man with an almost charming smile. It was almost pleasant, giving off an air of niceness which was barely surface deep before he took his drink and set the glass down to the side before sitting behind his desk, getting back to business, “I need to make a phone call. As my body guard you're free to do as you feel is necessary. You have... mostly free reign of the building and security equipment.” He opened a draw in his desk and pulled out a few things, setting them on the end of the desk near Trent. There was a small set of keys, a key card, and a paper that had a log in and password, as well as a small packet of paper that went over the basic layout and information he may need, “That will grant you access to what you're allowed to have access to. Needless to say, don't try to bypass your clearance.” He sat back again, looking up at the man, “If you have any questions feel free to ask. Otherwise, have fun.” He gave a smile again before he reached for the phone. He needed to make it clear he wasn't too happy with being left in the dark about certain matters involving his own safety.


The raised eyebrow sent off certain alarm bells, but at the same time did it honestly matter? So he just dismissed it and went on with his life. There were other things to worry about aside from whatever that raised eyebrow meant. He was vastly more concerned about the fact the man was getting up and walking over to him. Its not like he was intimidated or anything. The height difference didn't bother him either. It was the weird smile and the chuckle. There were extremely homosexual vibes coming off of this man as his cheek was patted. Here again, he didn't care what the man was. It wasn't any of his business and it wasn't going to hinder his judgment when it came to making the right calls. It took a moment for the words to actually register in his head before of what happened next. Did that fucker just caress his cheek? What in the actual fuck was tha- . . . Oh. If he wanted the sunglasses off, he could have just said so. Although, the bright light hurt his eyes a bit all of a sudden so he was blinking a bit to adjust to the new abundance of color.

He was vaguely aware the man had walked around him, but he wasn't even really sure where that was at first. Things started to come into focus again and he saw that he was looking over what he could only describe as a mini bar. Or a liquor cabinet. Mini bar was probably more appropriate at this point. He would have preferred a much bigger glass, but a shot would be fine, he supposed. He also didn't answer the question that had been asked. Not because he didn't want to, but because there just wasn't time for him to answer. So he just took the shot that had been offered to him. At least that would take the edge of his headache, right? Although, he was a bit suspicious as to why his boss was letting him drink at work. That didn't take long for him to forget about though as he was not watching the man sit back at his desk. He gave him a bunch of things and he took the papers and put them into his pocket after folding them up. The keys he clipped to his belt loop and the keycard was slipped into his wallet. There, now he at basically everything he needed right? And he was being dismissed so . . .

"Whelp, guess I should go check out the actual building security." It was said more to himself than the man who was reaching for the phone. So he shifted around a bit and walked out of the office. He slipped his sunglasses back on and looked at the papers he'd been given as he took them out of his pocket. He glanced at the floor plan and made his way downstairs to where he wanted to be so he could check things out and get situated.


The only indication that Link ever gave that he heard the man's little mumble was a patient and almost condescending smile as he waved him off, "You do that." He watched as the guy shuffled out of the room, never taking his eyes off of him as his hand hovered over the phone receiver. Not that he cared if the guy listened in, but he still would rather wait till the door was closed. Once he was alone he wrapped his fingers around the smooth plastic and picked it up, tapping a few buttons and leaning back in his chair, ankle resting on his knee as he listened to the ringing. Once a person answered his voice took on a somewhat happy, nice, pleasant sound, "It's Neal." He heard a silence on the other end as he swore he heard the person's breath hitch before he went on, "So I heard you guys failed to inform me about something quite important about my new body guard." He gave a soft little chuckle before his voice darkened and was replaced by a slow drawl, his face falling into it's serious default state, "You know how much I hate that."

The stammering on the other end of the line made a grin tease the corners of his lips. Now that was more like it...

From there on out the day went relatively smoothly. He didn't punish the guard company too harshly, wanting them to still be there when he inevitably needed a replacement guard again in the near future. It was almost obvious that this guy was going to be killed one way or another sooner rather then later. Firstly he had no experience in this sort of guarding, so he was either going to screw up and get killed by an enemy or screw up and Link would take him out to keep the loose ends clean. Not only that but he didn't present much of an image and that was important to Link... he'd worked hard to get the respect he deserved and the last thing he wanted was for some punk in shades to ruin that for him.

For now, though, he figured he'd keep him around... give him a sort of trial run. Who knows, maybe he'd turn out useful after all and even if not, some protection was better then none for now.

As the day came to a close for him he checked his phone on the desk. The little screen had small boxes of all the security cameras in the building on a private feed. Even if the security system was hacked, this was at a much deeper level. That's how he knew that Trent had been late in the morning and that's how he knew where everyone was in the building now. He didn't believe in just handing his life over to the hands of another. Security or not, he trusted nobody. His father had relied on guards and a security system and look where that had got him. He ended up as nothing but compost and Link wasn't about to fall into the same trap. His speckled eyes scanned through the feeds, examining a few more closely until he found the one where Trent was at. He was in the lobby. With a small nod to himself he stood and gathered his things and briskly left the office.

He spoke to nobody on the way out and nobody spoke to him. The last thing they wanted was to be punished for insubordination... Everyone kept out of his way as he swiftly made his way down the halls and eventually to the lobby where he eventually found the shorter man. He walked over, pulling his sleeves up to his elbows and speaking as if they had planned to meet up here as opposed to Link having seeked him out, "Ready to go? I'm starving."


When he finally did make it down to the security shack, he introduced himself. Showed off his credentials just in case. He talked to the head guard for a bit, got a basic walk through of the whole building. He made sure to take notes of certain areas and would come back through the place tomorrow and make his own adjustments to things. Once the walk through was over though, they went back to the security office and he got to meet all the guards that were on duty today. He was given a schedule of when the others would be showing up throughout the week and made sure to make a mental note that he would need to come and introduce himself to them as well. So far so good though. Things were going much better now that he wasn't upstairs in that godforsaken office with that . . . Whatever the fuck that guy was.

His mood had steadily improved during the day, his headache going away and the guards treating him to lunch. It seemed like he would be getting along just fine with these guys. Afterward, he spent some time on the computer and lazed around for a bit. There wasn't really a whole lot he could do since he was technically at work. So he decided to at least look the place up that he was at. Maybe he could learn something about it and not look like a complete fucking idiot. He didn't read too much into anything, just enough to figure out what he might be dealing with in terms of security threats. It didn't seem too bad to be honest so maybe things wouldn't be so bad after all. Besides, he could go home at the end of the day and someone else would take his place and he'd just come back here in the morning. Seemed easy enough.

When it was time to leave, he found himself down in the lobby. He was chatting up the woman at the front desk, making her giggle. They seemed to be hitting it off and everything was going so smoothly right up until the bog boss man showed up. She got incredibly quiet and sort of seemed to shrink back behind the desk. Okay, that was really fucking odd. He turned and decided that he'd just say good bye to Link and he'd be on his way home and . . . Wait. What?

"Uh, yeah." He raised an eyebrow though. Wasn't he supposed to be going home? Why did it not sound like he wasn't going home? His relief was coming, weren't they? Or was this some kind of sick joke that was being played on him right now?


Link's outward demeanor was relaxed and calm... almost friendly as he walked into the lobby. It was very easy to glance at him and forget who he was for a moment... he looked almost like a sweet pea of a man with a soft smile... rather then the dangerous beast he was. He had a cute little smile on his face and looked like he was simply a man meeting a new friend to go out for dinner then anything else. The look in his eyes, way he carried himself, and the way everyone slunk back away from him was proof that there was so much more to him then that.

He spared the secretary a small glance, flashing a grin and a wink at her. She probably didn't even see it, though, as she kept her eyes downturned on her work. She was one of the most recent ones who got to have a taste of one of his many punishments. She was somewhat new and had given him attitude, trying to go against what he said. He didn't give her a second chance as he dolled out punishment. She was the one who ignored the warnings from her coworkers so she would be the one to be reprimanded for her insubordination. She was a young woman who wanted to keep her appearances up - powerful and professional. She wanted to make her family proud of her successes and they followed her very closely. So naturally he humiliated her in front of the entire office, making sure to even catch it on film and keep the files stored carefully with all of his other important documents. Just so she never quite forgot who the boss was and what working here demanded. She never would quit though... he even gave her the chance. He promised to pay for her trip back home and even gave the promise to delete the files. Sure a word may not mean much but he had proof of doing it before, there was no reason to not believe him. She didn't quit, though... the money was too good and the way looking for this powerful company looked good. She got everything she wanted out of her career... as long as she remembered her place. She never talked back or questioned him again after that day.

But he wasn't concerned about her right now... Link was more concerned about his newest employee. His eyes focused back on the bodyguard in front of him and noted the raised eyebrow and look of confusion on Trent's face. A small smirk replaced the cute smile on his lips, “Shall we stop off at your place first so you can pick up a change of clothes? Or will you wear the same wrinkled mess of an outfit tomorrow?” He waited for no answer as he turned and began walking for the exit, “Leave your keys with the secretary. Someone from security will return your car home for you. Now chop chop.”


The entire attitude change he just witnessed from both people were so bizzarre that he didn't really know how to react at first. He didn't understand what had happened. SOmething that he would have to ask someone at some point in the next couple days. He honestly didn't understand and had never really seen something like that before. What was the most threatening to him, however, was what he witnessed next. Another fucking attitude change. What, could he just do that at a drop of a hat? It was freaking creepy and he really needed to stop that. However, he found himself manning up and pushing off the counter that he had been leaning on. Straightened up his shirt a bit and went to shrug right up until he heard something about leaving his keys with the front desk. Why in the -fuck- would he need to do that? No, seriously. What in the fuck was going on? Not that it looked like he was going to get to answer, the man was already walking away. This was so fucking irritating.

He turned back towards her and took one of the notepads and a pen, scribbled down his address and took his truck keys out of his pocket. "Make sure whoever drives her home doesn't scratch her up, okay? She's my baby." He slid both items across the counter and gave them to the woman before having to basically jog to catch up to where his new boss was retreating away from him. Just what in the fuck was going on? No one said anything like this was supposed to be happening! "I suppose we'll have to stop by my place so I can pick up a change of clothes since this one obviously bothers you so much." He didn't see what the problem with it was, but whatever. This guy was a fucking prick and he was just going to have to deal with that until he was allowed to go home.


As Link walked out of the building he seemed to change, at least just slightly. He still reeked of power and authority, that was something that likely would never disappear off of him. He still was cold and callous but at the same time he was almost human again. He loosened his tie as he walked out the front door of the building and popped open the top few buttons of his black dress shirt, revealing a tight red spiderman tee underneath. It was almost easy to forget, for a moment, that this was the same man from inside if you just glanced at him, but if you stood in his presence for a moment you'd still taste the same air he put off... the same wordlessly dangerous charm.

Soon enough he heard footsteps jogging up to him and he smirked. This guy really hadn't had a clue what he was signing up for, had he? At this point Link wasn't even asking anything out of the ordinary. He glanced sideways at the man, a single brow raised above his glasses, “I really don't care what you wear. We're going back to my place after we pick up something to eat and nobody is going to see you.” He paused a moment, a devilish grin spreading across his lips, “Unless you're telling me you'd like to have a romantic, candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant. I can get us in wherever you'd like. But I expect something out of it.” He gave the man a wink before the smile returned to an almost innocent one, showing he was kidding (If he wanted that he'd take it after all, not that Trent realized this yet.) He just shook his head with a chuckle as they made it to his car, “No, I would simply rather not have my body guard wear the same outfit two days in a row. That's gross. And like I said, I have an image to maintain. I'm not about to let that slip because the company I bought you from can't keep their shit together. Now get in.”

Link hit the button to unlock the doors of his car and slipped into the drivers seat, slipping the keys into the ignition before buckling up and starting the car, “Hm... I think I'm in the mood for some pizza tonight. Any preferences?” He shifted and started the car out of the lot, already having memorized where the shorter man lived so turning in that direction first.


Trent definitely thought it was weird that for as rich as this man seemed to be, he still had one of those cars that required a person to put the key in the ignition and turn. His own fucking truck was better than this thing. He said nothing however and waited for the man to unlock it before climbing in. He'd been listening to the man speak the entire time and he had a hard time not rolling his eyes. However, something stuck with him that made him very uneasy. Well, aside from the fact that it seemed like he was being hit on anyway. That was enough to creep any straight guy out. No, he was most concerned with how I bought you sounded. What did that mean? He glanced out the window as they started moving, feeling his uneasiness grow.

"So if we're going to my place, don't you need me to give you directions?" It didn't seem like it though and that further pushed him into feeling uneasy. The man was taking him to his own apartment without even having asked him a single thing about it. He turned his gaze to look out the window and just calm down. It had been on one of the papers certainly. It would had to have been. That's how he knew. He wasn't too concerned with that thought making it's way into his mind. But at the same time, what if there was another reason? He was starting to feel sick. He almost didn't even answer the pizza question. Almost completely ignored it. He wasn't sure so he was silent for a little bit longer, having to close his eyes so he wouldn't focus on the environment outside the car.

"I guess anything that at least has pepperoni and bacon on it is fine pizza wise."


The uneasy, uncomfortable feelings that just radiated from Trent was really quite amusing. In fact it was more then amusing... Link drunk it in and grinned softly to himself as they drove, his blue eyes shining, but he didn't comment on it. He loved the power that he got from this... the knowledge that he completely held the reigns while at the same time he was being so very tame - almost kind of nice. This guy was a bodyguard... and though he had never done a proper big job like being a personal bodyguard, he still was pretty good at his job at the jobs he did do. So he couldn't exactly be a pushover, nor could he be easily intimidated. Yet here Link was... clearly making him uneasy and it was a really revitalizing feeling. Damn it felt fantastic.

Finally he glanced over with a smirk when Trent mentioned directions. He let out a soft, breathy laugh before looking forward again. He certainly wasn't the best driver but he was doing good so far... only a couple nearly missed stop signs and hit and runs so far. All of which he waved off, “Why would I need directions when I already know the best way to get there?” He let them drive in silence a bit, waiting for Trent to open his mouth about the pizza. He bet the man thought he got his address from the papers that he had thrown out... no, they'd not have even been on there. No he instead did some dinning of his own, prying some stuff out of the guard agency and then doing some digging in his free time. Link liked to know everything about his employees so he knew who to keep a bigger eye on as well as to figure out the best way to treat them right. Not to mention... a house address was always useful just in case an employee stepped too far out of line and they had to be dealt with. Either a 'dog' would be sicked on them and they'd be cleaned up that way or, when he was feeling like really indulging, he'd do it himself. Link decided if this guy stepped out of line Link would enjoy it himself and honestly he sort of wished that would happen. He had a feeling it would feel so amazing... but he pushed the thought from his mind, knowing he'd start to get excited and worked up if he dwelt on the idea too long.

For now Link just nodded as the black haired man finally answered about pizza. It was almost a surprise, he didn't expect to hear another peep from the man in the passengers seat, “Okay, I can do that. I know of a great place that's not too far away from my house. We can get that before we head home. I'll place the order in while you're collecting your things.” He glanced over to Trent before back to the road... he looked do tense. Link had to bit his lip to prevent himself from saying or doing something else to tease the man and make him uncomfortable. As much as Link wanted to, he didn't want to use up all of his discomfort fodder so quickly. He'd wait... maybe for the ride home. Besides, they already showed up.

Link parked and turned off the ignition, unbuckling, “Okay, lets go.” He waited for Trent to open the door so he could tell the car to auto lock, “I'll call for pizza. Just bacon and pepperoni?” He stepped out of the car and stretched, waving for Trent to walk, “Lead the way.” Yea he was going with the man... like he'll he'd let him go on his own. Couldn't have him contacting someone or simply refusing to come back out. Besides this was a great way to help push the fact that, again, he was in charge.