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Maybe a return? (Unlikely, tbh, but maybe)

I'm thinking about returning? I know I have no audience here, honestly I never had much of one to begin with, but I feel having a sort of, well, journal, might be a healthy thing. Somewhere to just sort of talk about things going on in life, talk about fandom stuff, whatever it may be. I know I intended on coming back years ago, but never did. It seems to constantly happen that way. I mean to come back and then I don't. But I think I'm going to at least try to blog a little, more for myself than anything else. I know this site is pretty much dead, especially for actually partaking in fandom sort of stuff. But this is more for just blogging.

Again, I doubt I'll really stick with it. As much as journaling for myself is probably a healthy thing, I also need at least someone to interact with and read my ramblings. But maybe for now I'll try to stick with it. If nothing else, it might be fun to look back in another few years, barring it still exists, just to see where I am in life.

I may do a proper update kind of thing later. Currently I'm planning on going through my entire previous entries, just too see whats there and if there's anything that needs proper clean up, as well as maybe cleaning up tags a little if necessary. If I decide to post again after that, then I will later.
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