Wolf (wolf_spirit16) wrote,

Banned Users

This is for my own use but I cleaned up my friends list and had to ban some people so I don't have totally dead followers on here, not that almost anyone is active anymore. But with users I wanna mention here who and why, just in case I wonder in the future. None of these are personal, I just like a clean list and they haven't posted in longer than I have.

0gibbsy0: Last updated on 26 March 2010
angelsgirl116: Last updated on 10 May 2019 (But this was a tweet cross-post, which goes back for years)
broothlove: Last updated on 15 June 2008
feef: Last updated on 25 August 2009
gingerkid22: Last updated on 11 September 2009
jenni_one_note: Last updated on 24 May 2012
lennez66: Last updated on 25 April 2010
mswooster: Last updated on 9 November 2011
pippiehippie: Last updated on 31 December 2011
thewholovrrr: Last updated on 27 November 2010
Tags: random
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