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Wow, an update! Why not?

It's been quite a while since I was last around, and I know I don't have much of an audience and never have, as I've mentioned already, but I figure I could at least give a sort of update on things that's happened in the past few years.

Lets see. My last life update was in 2016. That was so long ago, jeez. Well, although a lot has changed, not much has changed, either, it seems. First of all, I got deeper into Rhett and Link, as has been pretty obvious if you've watched any of the post updates I had for fanfics, and that's still going strong. In 2016 I had just been getting into it and now I'm deep. I still have my Monkees collection but my bigger focus is on my Rhett and Link collection. I'll document that here later.

Hm, as for writing, I had RPed with then gotten massively burned by someone and had stepped away from writing in general for ages. I was getting the writing bug though, and someone recently finally got me to come out of that shell so I've been writing again. I'm trying to be more mindful than I used to be about with real life needs for both of us, but the plus side is that she was actually already an RPer, so she knows how much of an outlet RPs are, so we can both trust each other to not abandon, I think, assuming we don't stop liking RandL. I think it's going well so far. I still want to some day actually revamp my Monkees fic since I keep failing at doing that but I'm starting to feel it'll never get done, along with a few Rhett and Link fics I've wanted to write. I like them and I like creating but I'm just too lazy to try to carry a full story on my own. That's why I like RPs.

As for personal stuff, oh boy that's a doozy. I dunno how much I put before, but covering the basics, first of all, I got a new job at a certain warehouse. It's not bad, though it could be better in a lot of ways. They took away personal leave and a bunch of other shit, but I mean, the specific spot I'm at currently is enjoyable. I have a feeling they're really wanting to cut people from my department though and if that ever happens I'll need a new job. I've been there two years, which is a surprise, but my average at any new job always is about five years so lets see where this goes. But as much as I complain about BS the company pulls, I'm also so thankful for it because of the second big update.

My dad and I essentially got kicked outta the house about a year and a half ago (I think). Yea, long story, but trying to condense it as much as possible, his son had called the cops on him trying to get him arrested. His wife said that it would probably be best they were around each other and rather then sending the brat off somewhere, she kicked Dad out of the house that he fucking owns and obviously I had to go with cause even if I didn't I sure wouldn't stay there.

That led to them getting a divorce (Finally, I'm still annoyed cause even as this was going on he kept saying how they 'were gonna try to work it out'. You can't work it out with a narcissist. Dad got screwed over with that divorce, and now here we are living in this shitty apartment. But we didn't really have time to find a better one cause the Bitch had been basically making us get out within, like, a week, and it's not easy to find an affordable place that allows dogs. We had to take what we could get. Of course my dad then looses his job because of a false positive on a drug test. Oh and this apartment? Yea, total shit. There's a leak somewhere in the foundation or bricks or something that is leading to the corner of my room always being a soggy mess. They took about 4 months to 'fix' it before, but it was never fixed. I just hope we'll get outta here before it becomes a problem again. So yea, this is all sorta fuck. But it is what it is. We're hoping to find a house to rent sometime soon. And yea, I said we, cause I honestly am not sure how well he would do on his own, and I like the convenience of having someone right there to make phone calls so my anxious ass doesn't have to.

Dad's guinea pig died at the start of the year and we just had to put down our dog a month or so ago (rather suddenly. She tore something and due to her age it really wasn't feasible doing a surgery to get it fixed). I am ready for a new pupper, though it'll be hard to do cause of stupid apartment restrictions. I want a smaller to medium size dog this time so it's a whole lot easier to pick up.

Um... last year I got a new desktop gaming computer for myself for christmas (and already fucked up a USB port on it) an for my birthday this year my dad bought me a pretty nice, small glass desk. I bought a decent desk chair, so finally I can stop destroying my back in a lawn chair and TV tray.

Outside of that, I don't think anything has really changed with me. So yea *shrugs* I live a pretty basic and boring life, and have pretty much no motivation for anything, what can I say?

Now as for here, I'm cleaning up my blog a little. Cleaned out friends and communities, Made a post about each person I blocked just to purge from my friend's list just to be cleancut about it. Fixed up tags to be more coherent (fanfics are now prefaced with "fic:" and I got rid of a lot of redundant character name tags), just overall made it a bit better. I worked backwards to kind of go over all my old posts. Now I'm gonna check out settings and stuff to see if theres anything I wanna change but I already touched on that earlier and still like my layout and stuff, so I'll probably leave it as is.

Um... I think that's it. I work tomorrow (My schedule weekly is 7:20pm-5:50am Wednesday-Saturday) I'll probably try to do what I used to do and give a sorta update on my weekends? I don't wanna make this a daily diary or anything. I plan on posting a summary of all my Rhett and Link collection and maybe do a few of those surveys. So... if I update again, that'll likely be the first thing. Bye for now, I think I'm off to play some Ratchet and Clank before hopefully shooting off an RP reply and then bed.

PS. I wanted to add that I am thinking of looking at a new journaling site. I love livejournal but all the Russian stuff is kinda off putting. I’ve heard dreamwidth is good so might check that out.
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