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Lets do a random survery

Okay, well. I seem to like doing random surveys sometimes when I come back, and see what the difference is from what I used to do. So I'll do that and also sort of see how the actual cross posting is and stuff. I don't know if I'll stick with posting strictly on livejournal or if I'll do dreamwidth with cross posting, so we'll see.

First of all, the original survey from 2009

- Available: No. I'm single but unless Link suddenly clones himself, I think I'll stay that way
- Age: 30
- Annoyance: So many things
- Animal: Wolf
- Actor: I don't heavily follow any actors. I still like all the ones I listed in 2009 but I don't really have a favorite
- Actress: Again, don't really have a favorite, tbh

- Beer: Smells horrible so I can only assume it tastes the same (Yes this hasn't changed from when I was 19. Never drank it, never wanna drink it)
- Birthday/Birthplace: July 6th, Texas
- Best Friends: Dunno. Tommy I would think.
- Best feeling in the world: When you're in juuuust the right position in bed and don't need to worry about getting up for a while.
- Blind or Deaf: Neither. I know people have great quality of life even when they loose one of these but I can not imagine loosing either of these senses.
- Been in Love: Nope
- Been on stage?: I was in band in high school so yes. But that was the only time.
- Been beaten up?: Surprisingly, still no. I do recall getting slapped once in Elementary school once. I don't even remember why, but a girl who bullied me a lot was pissed at me and the whole class was crowded around as I sat at my desk and she slapped me and my comeback caused everyone to go Ooohhh and I had gotten some badass points, even when I never laid a hand on her. I THINK she was probably a bully to a lot of people and the fact I brushed off her slap like it was nothing ended up being better than had I actually hit back.
- Believe in yourself?: Never have and honestly never will.
- Believe in life on other planets: Yea, of course.
- Believe in miracles: No, not an actual tangible miracle. There's things that are surprisingly lucky, but they aren't really miracles.
- Believe in magic: No
- Believe in God: Not really, no. I'm agnostic atheist, with heavy leanings toward atheist. There is no tangible proof in any sort of god. I won't say that there isn't anything, as I have zero way to prove or disprove anything. But if there is I would be pretty positive that it isn't like any religion on earth says
- Believe in Satan: Same principle as the last one.
- Believe in Santa: I honestly don't like the concept of Santa. I mean he's an intangible being who can see and know everything about you, who you have to act good for. And who rewards you when you're good and punishes you when you're bad. And I don't like that belief system. Now, some may argue that the idea of Santa pushes giving without asking to get anything in return but that's not true, is it? You more learn that you deserve things just for 'being good', as decided upon by some arbitrary force. I think there are much better ways to teach kids to be good and be thankful to give to others, that isn't Santa.
- Believe in ghosts/spirits: I laugh at my previous answer to this, just throwing around the term 'scientifically proven'. No, no I do not. Because again no actual science has proven anything. But along with the agnostic side of me, I won't flat out say there isn't anything, so you won't catch me doing rituals in a cemetery, that's for sure.

- Car: 2001 Dodge Stratus
- Color(s): Blue and black.
- Cried in school: I would imagine so, but I don't recall anything off hand.
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilla
- Chinese/Mexican: Probably Chinese food, but only certain things that are made out of like, chicken, beef and pork. And mostly just Americanized versions, as well. But man I'm craving some Pork Lo Mein now from the place down a few streets.
- Cake or pie: Neither. Cake if I had to choose but I would rather almost anything else (unless non-alcoholic tiramisu counts as cake? In that case definitely cake)
- Country to visit: I would like to permanently move to Scotland or New Zealand.
- Comedian?: Rhett and Link, without a doubt.

- Day or Night: Night.
- Dream vehicle: Don't really have one
- Danced: When I was a kid, sure, what kid hasn't? But I haven't for decades.
- Dance in the rain?: I don't think I ever danced in the rain, as a kid. But I did like to play in the rain.

- Eggs: I don't prefer them most of the time. If I have them on a plate I would take them Over Easy or Over Medium, though.
- Eyes: Mine? Brown. My favorite? Blue
- Everyone has: I literally can't think of anything clever (or anything at all for that matter)
- Ever failed a class?: I think I failed math one year in High school cause the teacher was shit. But the following year I literally didn't pay any attention in class and just used the notes I took from the year before and aced the class, so it was definitely just a shitty teacher.

- First thoughts waking up: I wonder if I should call off today....
- Food: Meh, I've always been more of a drink person.

- Greatest Fear: Death
- Goals: To actually be able to live a comfortable life
- Gum: I never have more than one or two from a pack
- Get along with your parents?: Mom, Dead. Dad, Decently get along with. (His now ex that I grew up with? Hate her guts)
- Good luck charm: I don't really have one, but I do have this rock I got from this one trail place I used to go to with my dad's side of the family, that's always been sort of seen as 'my good luck charm'. Also a bat necklace I got when at the London Dungeon. That's always been my 'lucky' necklace as well.

- Hair Color: Brown
- Height: I'm never sure
- Happy: Nah
- Holiday: Halloween, kinda. But I don't really celebrate holidays.
- How do you want to die: I would prefer to live forever. I dunno how I'd wanna go. Something painless and not scary, preferably.
- Health Freak: I'm paranoid about everything but refuse to go to the doctor, which probably going to be my demise at some point.
- Hate: A lot of things
- Heart Broken/when/who?: Nope

- Ice Cream: Coffee
- Instrument: Percussion (and the recorder, on Link. That makes me LOOSE MY FUCKIN' MIND)

- Jewelry: None, though I do enjoy the aesthetic of some goth stuff like leather cuffs.

- Kids: 0, I would rather rescue animals
- Keep a journal?: Only livejournal (and trying out dreamwidth)

- Love: Romantically nobody, but you should always try to insert love into everything you do.
- Laughed so hard you cried: Yes, often because of Rhett and Link
- Love at first sight: Impossible when you haven't loved

1. Slept in a bed beside you?: Nobody
2. Saw you cry?: I can't recall the last time I did that? Well, outside of tearing up. Which I also can't remember tbh
3. Went to the movies with you?: Co-workers, we went to see Junamji. And then Covid19 happened.
4. You went to the mall with?: For actual Mall shopping, Tommy. Just going to the mall, coworkers, cause thats where the theater is at.
5. You went to dinner with?: Tommy
6.You talked to on the phone? Dad
7. Made you laugh?: I dunno, someone online, probably
8. Made you cry?: See question 2
9. Broke your heart?: See a few above
10 You vented to about a boy?: I mean... I vent to Sims and Katie about Link's dick a lot. Does that count?

- Milk flavor: Chocolate, usually.
- Movie: Not sure, don't really have a favorite. LotR trilogy if I had to pick
- Mooned anyone?: I don't recall (and I think I missed that question in my last answering of this, as it wasn't a separate line like normal)
- Marriage?: Doesn't look like it. Hard to marry when you're aromantic, asexual, and antisocial to the point of never being able to bond a close enough relationship with someone that a platonic marriage is viable.
- Motion sickness: Yes, sadly. I threw up on the way back of seeing Rhett and Link last year for one of the shows. It mainly happens when I'm looking at my phone. Strangely when I traveled all over the country with my former friend, I didn't get sick at all. So I guess it depends on how rough of a ride it is. I'm assuming my former friend had a much smoother car and drying style than most other people I ride with. Though on a train I do get a headache if I try to focus on something, but not an actual motion sickness.
- Musician?: Rhett and Link (as well asTrent Reznor, Alice Cooper, and all of the Monkees.)

- Number of Siblings: 0 (I do not consider my dad's son with the harpy of a woman my brother anymore, after all he has done and what he has become)
- Number of Piercings: 0, formerly 2
but the holes closed up a few years ago
- Favorite number: 84

- Overused Phrases: Not sure. I still say 'like' a good deal, and 'lol' a lot. I'm sure there is something but I don't pay attention
- Odd phobia: Odd? I'm not sure.

- Place you'd like to live: On a little island away from everyone with great internet, or perhaps a cabin like in Secret Window
- Pizza: Cheese, usually. Or pepperoni.
- Pepsi/Coke: Coke, though I prefer Mountain Dew (Or Dr. Pepper if I have to stick with a dark soda)
- People you miss: Rhett and Link, so very much. (Also Nana. Haven't seen her since Covid happened)

- Quail: Cute
- Quiet music or loud: Very much depends. But usually loud. I listen to music to drown out life.

- Reason to cry: Not sure
- Reality T.V: None
- Radio Station: None
- Roll your tongue in a circle?: Yes

- Song: Why I Travel
- Shoe size: 7mens/9womens
- Salad Dressing: Newmans Own Southwestern, which used to be a McDonalds exclusive so I dunno whats happening to it now :(
- Sushi: Blech
- Skipped class: Yea, technically. Never really an actual ditch, though.
- Slept outside: Yes, in a tent in my and my cousin's back yards.
- Seen a dead body?: At funerals, yes.
- Smoked?: No
- Skinny dipped?: Never would and never will
- Sing well?: Absolutely the worst I don't even like hearing myself hum
- In the shower?: Nope
- Swear?: All the fucking time.
- Stuffed Animals?: Used to have a ton... they all disappeared though and I'm still pissed. But I have my favorite stuffed animal/security blanket, Beethoven, my stuffed dog
- Single/Group dates: Neither, obviously. Unless I can date Link/his clone. In which case I'd say single, probably.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries
- Scientists need to invent: Human clone machine so I can clone Link about 20 times and have a bunch of Links all to myself. Other then that, I dunno... lotta things.
- Sport: Nah

- Time for bed: Usually about 8am, latest 10am (its 9:30am now)
- Thunderstorms: Love them except if there's weather for a tornado
- TV: None
- Touch your tongue to your nose?: Nope

- Unpredictable: Not entirely sure what this means
- Used to play: Sports, instruments, many more video games than now, etc

- Vegetable you hate: Asparagus
- Vegetable you love: Don't really love any of them but I'm okay with broccoli and ranch
- Vacation spot: A beach away from literally anyone with great wifi and tasty food/drinks
- Virgin?: That's a very invasive question. But meh, yea. Sex repulsed asexual. Totally not interested.

- Weakness: Link's recorder, Link in job reference sketch (or otherwise being bossy)
- When you grow up: Already grown up, technically. But previous answer applies. My dream would have been to have a huge property to save all sorts of animals on. And/or to be able to live comfortably. Neither of those seem to be coming to fruition.
- Which one of your friends knows the most about you: Honestly not sure
- Want to be a model?: *dies laughing*
- Where do we go when we die: Probably nowhere. But I really hope its somewhere.

-X-Rays: Pretty cool

-Year it is now: 2020
-Yellow: Not the best color

- Zoo animal: Wolf
- Zodiac sign: Link's Penis (Sorry, I answered most of these normally, I had to have at least something follow my old trend)

Okay, well... that was a fun waste of time. It was interesting to see how many of my answers grew up. I may do another couple of these in the near future, but for now... that was fun. We'll see how well this dreamwidth thing goes (thats where I'm posting from) and for the next one I'll likely post straight off live journal and see which I prefer long term. Most likely LJ simply because theres already so much history and I prefer it's layout, but we'll see. Crossposted from Mythical Wolf on Dreamwidth.
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