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I really want a pair of moccasins

See? I said I'd be posting a little more. I'm kinda actually really liking dreamwidth but I'm gonna still have it all crosspost to livejournal and check there often.

Man has it been a week. I have a killer headache almost every day this week, and have one again now. I'm just so tired I feel like I haven't slept properly all week. I think I have but I'm not sure? I know it's not like... illness tired. It's jut being tired of all the shit and all the stress. That's where my headaches have been all week, stress. I'm constantly clenching my jaw with stress and aggravation.

On Wednesday I learned a couple people who work near me are suddenly on 'leave with pay' which isn't something that I've ever seen before. Nobody has been informed of anything but I bet that it's COVID19. Unfortunately the HIPPA laws protect businesses, not people. So we'll never actually know until we end up sick. And on top of THAT my immediate coworkers keep going out every freaking weekend (to just restaurants from my understanding but probably more) and its like.... ugh.

Anyway, I don't wanna get into the state of the world in 2020 right now, that's another entry and I'm still fighting a headache, so what else? I think my teeth are fucked up again but I don't have the insurance to even try to check and even if I did, during a pandemic is not the time for that. There's a bump/sore on my lip and tongue for the past few days as well. What else, oh yea I also really need my eye appointment. Pearl Vision has been harping at me to get in and get it done. I really should but like... ehhhhhh. Usually I only get glasses if I'm gonna be able to go to an event and wanna see properly lol. Plus its pandemic year so I would rather not. I might but I dunno.

I miss 2017 when I saw RandL for the first time. Those were good days. Hell I'll even take last year if I had to, it was home to my one best meeting of RandL. Ugh... Everything is just... ugh.

Anyway, as for less shitty type news I've been really wanting to get new moccasins. I had a pair a long time ago from Minnetonka Moccasins.

Unfortunately, this pair was way too narrow. Like, breaking the leather in left me in tears and even once it was stretched out, the actual sole was way too narrow. It woulda been bad enough if it was soft sole, since the padding inside was narrow as heck, but it was rubber sole so it was super noticeable. They were still super comfy but nowadays I wouldn't wanna spend $80 bucks on a shoe that wouldn't be quite right (to be fair that pair was a gift from someone who I now realize was toxic but like she still gave me great gifts and we had fun when she wasn't toxic so yea lol). Because despite being narrow they were too long as it was. Sadly this pair ended up with blue paint on one of them and then lost in a mess for ages, getting slightly mold damaged as well. I think I eventually tossed them just within the passed year. But that's fine cause my feet have gone up a little in size since I got them over a decade ago so it was time anyway, this pair woulda stopped fitting ages ago. I used to be size 8.5W in womens, so had gotten a 9 womens. Now I'm pretty evenly 7 in mens (9 in womens) but because of the narrow size problem I know I need a size up. I still have a wider foot, and my right foot's "toe knuckle" is basically sharp but that means I would definitely not fit in my previous moccasins anymore anyway.

So I want a new pair. I was looking a Minnetonka again cause it's been over a decade but I know they made good moccasins and I really like these pairs...

(I know one is the same as my last pair but a larger size might have made up for the narrowness? But after I spent ages looking for pairs I liked, I unfortunately found out this. "Where are Minnetonka products manufactured? Minnetonka Moccasin manufactures in the Dominican Republic and China."

So... I would rather not get that anymore. The brand used to be made in the USA, but now it's been outsourced to China like everything else. The main draw from getting from Minnetonka was it being here in the USA and true to its roots. Now it's just mass produced for as cheap as possible like the crappy moccasin rip offs you can get at Walmart. I don't want that and I don't want any of my leather products being outsourced. I barely want leather at all so if I get it I want it from a place where there is at least a little regulation. Maybe not much but at least some. I found these on etsy and they look good quality and are handmade

So I'm thinking of getting a pair from that etsy account. Seems to be about evenly priced but actually hand made and in the USA by real people. That seems like a lot better option and the more I look at them the comfier they look. I don't like the looks quite as much as the Minnetonka kinds but I'm going mainly for comfort. I'll possibly message the seller in a day or two to ask about the sizing (and if COVID is slowing things down at all).I may still get a Minnetonka pair at some point just to see if the quality and comfort is still there but ideally I wanna keep it local.

The best option would be an actual real pair, made from Native Americans and benefiting them. But I was googling around and it is not easy to find anything like that at all, let alone in a style I like (which is more of the 60s style as opposed to actually genuine styles) If anyone knows where I'd be able to find a good, real pair lemme know. Otherwise I'll probably go with that etsy seller. I want actual suede, not leather or anything like that.

I'll probably have another post later this weekend, though not sure what about. But I'm feeling rambley. Possibly a survey or a spam. If on the off chance anyone does read this, please comment. I know nobody is but... if you do, I need attention lol

Anyway, for now thats all. Gonna go to my Neopet dailies before heading home lol. Crossposted from Mythical Wolf on Dreamwidth.
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