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Resource for Colored Souls (RP)


Location: This land is a plane of existence that exists in a void, only reachable through magical portals from other lands. It stretches very far, though it's exact boundaries are unknown. It has an unofficial border that settlements tend to not go past, simply because it is so far from other resources and because it is difficult to clear the land of other Flora and Fauna. There is no sky, which creatures who come from worlds that have a sky tend to have a hard time with. Weaker minds can completely break if unprepared, their minds being unable to fathom seeing an infinite void, while for others it simply physically hurts to look at. Enough time in Hell, though, and most manage to adapt. Instead of a sun or moon/day and night cycle, all of Hell is in a state of twilight.

Inhabitants: The natural inhabitants are demons, which come from different bloodlines and species. Most demons aren't 'pure blood' as there are only a handful of original bloodlines. Thus, demons can visually range from looking like normal humans, to looking like the stuff of nightmares. Most demons are humanoid or anthropomorphic with various features that hints to their bloodlines. There are a variety of other creatures in Hell that are not demons that hail from the infinite species through the universes, though they aren't incredibly common and tend to settle in villages and towns far from the Capitol.

Flora and Fauna: Naturally Hell has it's own animals and plants of all kinds, most native to the plane of existence and some others that have been brought in and adapted over time. They're usually, though not always, a bit more 'scary' in appearance or nature, ie skeletal, glowing eyes, etc, but similarly to any other plane of existence, everything has it's own personalities and traits not dependent on looks.

Politics: Hell is governed by one overhead powerful demon. Sometimes referred to as the Devil, due to the sheer strength they posses, though in reality they're a demon like everyone else. They run Hell until they step down, are killed, enslaved, or lose in a battle and turn over their position. The current King of Hell is Lucifer, who rules with an iron fist. His version of Hell is similar to what some humans imagine if they were to think of Hell. His rulings are that humans are automatically brought to Hell as slaves and lesser beings. The Capitol reflects this the most. The further from the Capitol, the lesser his influence and the calmer, cleaner Hell becomes. The previous King was Hades. His version of hell was simply a place for humans to go once they died on earth. They were seen as equal, and slavery was strictly forbidden. Hades' era had seen prosperous times with multiple species intermingling and trading, though demons were often weaker as a whole due to only consuming enemy demon souls, or souls who offered to be consumed. When Lucifer took over, everything changed. It is unknown how Lucifer got the throne but due to Hades' not appearing in so long it is believed that he was killed.

Souls: Everything has souls, not only humans. Every magical creature can consume souls, and in fact non-magical creatures can consume souls as well with aid from a magic user. Consuming a soul grants a higher magical output and in some cases a physical one. With enough souls a non-magic user can even use magic natively. Prior to Lucifer, consuming souls was rare, as a being had to either offer their soul (such as humans tired of immortal living) or one killed another and consumed their soul before it disappeared. Human souls are unique, in that they come in different 'colors'. White souls can only be obtained by Angels. Black souls can only be obtained by Demons. And Gray souls can be obtained by either. The color of a soul doesn't related to how good a human was in life and though it is known there are factors that color a soul, it is unknown what these factors are. The only color of soul that seems to have a common difference is gray souls, which are often more powerful than pure colored souls. These souls not only have a lot of power to give if they are consumed, but if they're 'released' into their human state they tend to be able to handle a lot more than a normal soul, both mentally and physically. A human can't die in Heaven or Hell if only their physical body is damaged. As long as the soul stays intact, they will continue to exist. Souls can be stolen, though it takes a lot of magical strength to do so. When an Angel or Demon owns a soul, they're capable of giving that soul a 'state' to exist in, including but not limited to a blissful or terrible existence like Human stereotypes of heaven or hell, a conscious state of being in a dark, endless void, absolute unawareness as if the Human's existence is on pause, among plenty of other options. The connection between a soul owner and the soul can be very powerful if nurtured, including psychic link, sharing of magic, tracking ability, etc. The true lengths a Demon and human Soul can go is unknown, as they've only been held as slaves thusfar, but new information is slowly being uncovered on just the lengths it can go.

Other: Due to the power that Lucifer holds on the Capitol and the powerful dark magic that he that emanates from his presence, humans tend to have nightmares very often in Hell, even if they are happy and have no reasons to have nightmares. It takes a relatively long time, or a strong magical shield, to prevent this magic from penetrating a human's sleep. This issue gradually lessens the further out from the Capitol you go. Some towns and cities use magic to artificially create a day and night cycle, especially towns that have a higher population of creatures who come from where there is day and night. Because of this lack of cycle, most cities operate at all hours, and there is no true set times for anything. The flow of time still exists and though there is no true set times Hell has largely adopted a system of Time from humans, using 24 hour clocks. This is simply to make it easier for human slaves to operate, and to plan events. The flow of time between Earth and Hell is very different, Hell's flow of time moving much faster then Time on Earth.
Luciferian: (Lucifer) These demons tend to have beautiful, black, feathered wings and are said to be the most beautiful demons in hell. Their bodies are human, though they have red eyes of varying shades and fanged canines (this isn't always very pronounced, in which case they're simply sharper then average). Very personable and smooth talking, they're usually the best as making 'contracts'. However they are also the most magically powerful bloodlines in Hell, so tend to just magically brute strength what they want. Examples include Diabolus (Pure blooded) and Lyra (Mixed Blood).
Hadesian: (Hades) These demons generally have gray marble skin and specialize in fire and plague magic. They do not posses wings or any significant features to set them apart. Their eyes are gray or a muted blue color, and occasionally black. They tend to be more physically fit then other demons, and not quite as powerful magically as other bloodlines, so tend to opt for physical jobs or fighting, as opposed to magical.
Satanian: (Satan) These demons tend to be more magically balanced than Hadesian but not even close to Luciferian. They tend to specialize in dark magic. Usually with horns and 'devil tails', as well as reddish skin and catlike eyes, though otherwise looking somewhat human.
Baphometian: (Baphomet) These demons tend to be incredibly goat like in appearance, often sporting goat-like facial features and hooves, and occationally rustic black wings. These demons are on par with Satanian in terms of magical power, though they tend to prefer and specialize in rituals and potions. Examples include: Unnamed Pet Shop shopkeeper (Mixed Blood)
(More to Come Maybe)


Bustling constantly at all hours of the day, many shops and stands all stand within a short space of one another. Selling everything from slaves to foods to trinkets. Hell's Capitol was once one of the best places to go to trade for a wide variety of items, both malicious and benign, though ever since Lucifer's reign it has slowly become a much more hostile place and has driven out most of the business of other species. Different districts of town tend to hold different types of stores and are of varying friendliness to humans and non demon-folk. Slaves are commonplace, often poorly cared for. Once a week or more, a public outdoor slave auction is usually held in the town center, though there are shops that sell souls and slaves directly all week. This is the only place in Hell that slaves are sold or auctioned in any way. Lucifer's Castle is on the edge of the Capitol. The capitol is a hostile place for most non-demons, but especially humans.
Known Shops include: Bookstore. Potion Ingredients shop. Sex Toy stand. Collar shop. Trinkets shop. Small grocery store (sells exotic meats).
Unnamed Town
Sleepy town near the outskirts of the normal livable area of Hell, this town is very human friendly. Made up of many different species, including demon, human, and other creatures. It hardly seems to be in the same world as the Capitol. Very friendly inhabitants but most hold a slight distrust for anyone from the Capitol, especially full blooded demons. Slavery of any kind is unofficially banned from town. This town is one of the furthest away from the Capitol, and as such it has virtually no dark magic in it's air. This makes it a wonderful place that free humans and non-demonic species choose to make their home. Mostly residential, the small amount of shops are more for local residence then for tourists. Town center has a beautiful fountain, a stark contrast to the Capitol's slave market.
Known Shops include: Bookstore. Buffet style restaurant.
Unnamed City
Fair sized city that is very busy, but not bustling like the Capitol. Slaves are abundant but most are relatively healthy with little more then a collar, cuff, or bracelet to show their servitude. Clean place with a wider variety of inhabitants than the Capitol, it's seen as one of the bigger cities of Hell. Plenty of specialty shops that are worth traveling for, including one of Hell's biggest and best pet shops and an equally impressive flower shop. This city has some free humans and some non-demon species, and is very friendly to outsiders regardless of their species.
Known Shops include: Pet store. Flower shop.

The void is an in between location between Heaven and Hell, created by the current Kings over those two worlds. It is where human souls first go to when they die. Its a neutral location between angels and demons and therefore the only place they interact that doesn't cause a battle. Souls are split between a pool of white, black, and gray souls. Angels can only grab from the white souls and demons can only grab from the black. Gray souls, who usually are more powerful, are in a separate pool that anyone can grab from. When in this location, souls are too new to give any indication of how powerful they are unless one has a very keen eye and knows what to look for, so it's all down to luck outside of those skilled enough to know better.

Chime Flowers: True name is very difficult to pronounce for most non-demon folk, this flower is a native to Hell, despite not seeming like it. Seeds sound and look like little glass beads and full grown flowers look like they're made of crystal. Seemingly very fragile, they're relatively hearty. In a gentle breeze they sound like soft chimes, and can refract light better than glass.
Unnamed Flower: Very pretty that shift colors in the light like a fiber-optic Christmas tree. Harmless as a flower, when dried and crushed into powder this flower is extremely toxic to demons. At the very least when a powder, this flower can act like a pepper spray to demons and temporarily block their healing and magic, though at a moderate dose it will kill all but the strongest demons. Very rare in hell, though somewhat abundant in Heaven, it is never allowed into slave hands due to being so dangerous to demons.
 Colorful Orchid type flowers ; Rainbow glass looking trees ; Dangerous trees/plants in the Forest that releases potentially dangerous spores.


: "Skull foxes". Mostly looks like a fox (can be visually similar to any breed of fox) but with heads that look like fox skulls with glowing magical eyes. Very playful and gentle. Native to all of Hell and commonly kept as pets. Omnivores. Very social and energetic.

Tiyanic-ak: Extremely dangerous shape shifting parasites. Slightly telepathic, it looks for victims with weaknesses it can exploit and once it finds a potential prey, it shifts into whatever it feels will make it's victim drop their guard the most. It's magical snare can start working even at a distance, but once it fully hooks into the victim not even the most powerful demon can fight off the parasite. It then begins to slowly siphon their soul from their body until nothing is left. Universally known and feared by almost all of Hell's inhabitants, there are rewards in place for killing them but due to their shape shifting nature it is often hard to tell them apart from the creatures it shifts into. Only the most intuitive demons can sense the negative, parasitic energy that these creatures posses. Luckily, they have been driven out of most inhabited towns and cities entirely, hunted viciously due to their universal danger. The further one gets from bustling civilization, the bigger of threat they prove to be. Once dead, it reverts to its true form, which is that of a large, vile looking parasite. Postmortem limb and body part shifts only make a freshly dead Tiyanic-ak that much more horrifying to look at. Like most shapeshifters, these creatures can recover from most physical wounds and the only way to truly kill it is to use magic to destroy its internals beyond repair, and then to dispose fully of by disintegrating the body with powerful magic.

Hell Hounds: These animals are often regarded as pets, though they are as intelligent as any other full species. Evolved from simple brutish type hell dogs, these creatures now have their own pack bloodlines therefore allowing their visual appearance to range drastically from one another.

Nuwan: Intelligent reptilian species, native to a very hot and swamplike world. These animals are digitigrade and posses scales. Some of their regular features can include head fans, tails, forked tongues. They have slit reptilian eyes. Nuwan are hatched from eggs but otherwise have a familial structure that is very familiar to humans, with often a monogamous couple. When freshly hatched, Nuwan are genderless. As they grow and become of age they eventually can choose their gender or to stay genderless. As such they often have gender neutral names unless the matured Nuwan decides to change their name upon acquiring a gender.

Humans: Humans are a young species, and generally seen as a weaker one as they are not magically inclined nor are they remarkably physically well built either. This is largely due to them simply being such a young species. Due to this they also have a very crude life/death system. Most creatures die properly at old age, their souls disappearing or moving onto a specific plane that is unique to that species. Humans are too young to have established this system yet, so temporarily were being sent to other planes of existence, often Hell and Heaven, as they were closest. They lived peacefully like this for a while, until Lucifer and Michael took over Hell and Heaven, respectively, and decided that humans were an easy source of strength. Because of the natural weakness of a human soul, they were able to create a funnel that sent human souls directly into an artificial sorting area for Angels and Demons to choose from. It was also this magic, that forcefully bound human souls to their owners.

Demons come in all shapes and sizes due to their various bloodlines and the many millennia of interspecies mingling. The most common traits of demons are having at least some level of magic and self healing. Healing magic is relatively rare, as it takes a lot of power to do so that most demons don't have, and it takes a great deal of skill beyond that.

Fae: Fae (or Faeries) are very varied. Fae is just an encompassing term, though there is different 'kinds' of faeries ranging from dark, light, air, fire, etc. In the natural world of the Fae it is mostly split into different lands that are primarily controlled and inhabited by the different fae species, and as such there has been the occasional war break out between Fae types. The features of each kind of Fae range widely.
-Dark fae: Very tall with clear bronze skin. Triangular ears. Purple eyes. No wings. Often with some purple in their hair.
-Light fea: Pale skin and yellowish-gold eyes.

Location: Similarly to Hell, it's location is in a void reachable only through magical portals. It's boundaries are unknown but just like hell, there are plenty of towns and settlements far from the Capitol. The sky is an endless void, and though the color is light gray, it's effects on those who look at it are the same as Hell. There is no day/night cycle, though the light of Heaven is much brighter than Hell.

Lucifer: Enemy. Hell's Capitol. Diabolus' father. Abusive, dangerous, and very powerful. Has strong disdain for anyone 'beneath' him, including own children. Along with Michael in Heaven, brought on long standing era of humans being automatically slaves. Has a lot of dark magic that penetrates much of hell. Truly inhumane to even fellow demons, many look up to him but most inhabitants of Hell fear him. Only true 'fans' are in the Capitol, as even demons who enjoy owning slaves tend to feel his rules are far to violent and harsh.
Levithia: Ally. Hell's Capitol. Capitol's bookstore shopkeeper. Face has sharper features. Frills along jawbone and head, with some spikes and two large horns that point down. No hair. Two sets of gills along his neck. Slender. Hands and feet that end in webbed claws. Digitigrade. Mildly reflective bluish scales. Older demon who clearly came from some sort of aquatic reptilian decent. Very friendly to all, regardless of the Capitol's general view of humans.
Lyra(Deceased): Enemy. Hell's Capitol. Powerful she-demon who ran the biggest human slavery and trading ring in Hell. Has many followers even after her death.
Unnamed Shop Keep: Semi-Ally. Hell's Capitol. Runs a general store for potion items. Very large, looks somewhat like a Minotaur without the Hooves or tail. Did not like Lyra because of all the trouble she caused and gave offered a rare dangerous flower to those who stood up to her.
 Delina: Ally. Hell's Capitol. Older sister of a dark fae family that lives and works in Hell. Main one to run trinket shop that her parents own. Soft features but tough aura. Very tall. Clear, bronze skin tone. Black hair with bright purple eyes. Somewhat triangular ears.
Kass: Delina's older brother. At the shop often but not as much. A little less laid back then Delina but still nice. Has prejudice against demons. Bronze skin completion. Black hair streaked with purple.
Silas: Very young Nuwan child who is the youngest hatched child to its parents. Too young to have chosen sex yet. Very friendly and curious.
Griffon Bookstore Shopkeeper: Neutral. Unnamed town. A pure griffon with lion tail and talons. Deeply against human slavery.
Shopkeeper of Petstore: Neutral. Unnamed city. Baphomet bloodline with goatlike ears, horns, legs and hooved feet. Feels neutral about humans and slavery.

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